Understanding Organic Position on Google

It’s a diverse topic, and there’s a lot to it. One very cool experiment was comparing the ‘bounce rate’ of a website to the position on the google search result page. #SEO

…before we go into that…what is a bounce rate?

Bounce rate is a metric that represents the percentage of visitors that enter your site, and then leave without navigating to other pages. You can imagine that the bounce rate of a site like Facebook is very low since its users tend to navigate through various pages in their news feed.

For common websites, there’s an interesting correlation between their bounce rate and how high up your page shows up in a google search result.

If your landing page has a bounce rate of BELOW 76%, the probability of your page showing up in the top 4 positions on Google is much higher.

Conversely, landing pages that had a bounce rate of 78% and higher usually ended up appearing much further down, not even penetrating the first 5 positions.