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Ash N


Ash N

Ash is a Queen’s University Electrical & Computer Engineering Alumni, Full Stack Developer, Photographer, Videographer, Designer, and former Machinima Director living in Ontario, Canada.

His passion for design and web development started in Grade 6 when he started making satirical Youtube videos, websites, and gaming forums. By Grade 7 he was playing with special effects in Photoshop and After Effects. By high school he had built several dozen websites – his favorite pastime back then was running a popular vBulletin forum with around 10,000 Members.

By Grade 10, he turned more of his attention to YouTube in which he created satirical gaming videos and editing tutorials. A year later, he amassed over 3,000 subscribers, and a total of 3.2 million views spread across 20 videos. His breakthrough occured when one of his viral pieces got featured on the popular gaming magazine Kotaku, formerly owned by Gawker Media. Recognizing the quality of his work, WarnerMedia’s Machinima (a U.S.-based multiplatform online entertainment network) offered him a Director / Consulting position. During this position, his assigned Community Manager was the talented Lon Strickland who held Producer and Director roles for movies such as G.I Joe, Star Trek, 2012 and countless more. Ash’s work later appeared in the German TV station’s ZDF documentary titled ‘Die Nintendo Story’.

In 2014, he was awarded the Junior Achievement Award during the 59th annual awards gala in the 1000 Islands by MP Gord Brown, MPP Steve Clark, and Mayor-elect Joseph Baptista. A year later he became the youngest member on the board of directors at his region’s Chamber of Commerce.

During his time at Queen’s he held tech related executive positions for the Energy & Commodities Association, as well as QWEAO (Water Environment Association of Ontario) in which he helped organize their first ever Conference.

He later provided volunteer consulting skills in his position of Youth Representative at the Township of Leeds & The Thousand Islands – advocating for high speed internet access across rural Ontario and sitting on the committee overseeing their newly drafted economic development plan.

In conjunction with Queen’s University, he was part of a team that designed and developed a reliable Drone Detection Mechanism for RC Drones functioning on the 27MHz spectrum.

After graduation, Ash turned down several job offers from major tech companies to work for himself. He held a part time contracting position in association with Google in which he aided in search engine optimization and evaluation.

Aside from Particl Digital, Ash is currently a Co-Founder and CTO of a small tech startup; QueryFox Inc.

His current projects include developing a personal brand, as well as writing about topics surrounding mental health and productivity.

His favorite food is salmon sashimi.


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Steven K. Original

Creative Designer

Steven K Original
Founder @ Steven K Original & Cognised

Steven K Strawbridge (@stevenkoriginal) is a professional freelance visual artist from Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Husband. Father. Business designer. Brand developer. Art director. Typography nerd.

He’s a senior level designer/art director who specializes in brand identity, business strategy, logo design, and concept development.

Steven’s services help brands & businesses achieve their goals, accelerate growth, and gain a competitive advantage through the power of design. He helps find creative solutions for modern business problems using principles of design, marketing and psychology. In addition to his digital design, he also offers a wealth of experience in print.

For over 10 years he has aimed to provide consistent creative solutions that are timeless, clever and original.


Jackie Li

Videographer & Photographer

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