So what’s up with Blockchain?

So what’s up with Blockchain?

Blockchain has become sort of a meme in the world of tech and startups, there’s a running joke that if your startup has the word “Blockchain” in it, its evaluation jumps by several millions of $$$. Besides that, it’s commonly synonymous to crypto currencies like Bitcoin and Etherium, and for most it’s some unclear abstraction.

What is it? It’s a digital ledger(like a record book), but it’s immutable and achieves this with a clever way to get many different persons to create one common version of something. Which means it’s unchangeable. Thanks math!

A blockchain ledger is permanent, indelible, and unalterable history of transactions. This comes with a lot of benefits, such as complete data integrity, simplified auditing, increases in efficiencies and proof of fault. It provides a mechanism for detecting untruths, which has a plethora of applications.

The implementation of a blockchain can prevent people from changing content and allows everyone to check if someone tries to change something, like someone changing bank data from last year, or someone trying to change code to add malware.

Walmart, Nestle, TD Bank, RBC, and thousands more are all using it.

Stay tuned for a Particl Tutorial on launching your very own blockchain!

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