The Third Degree


The talented team behind the upcoming tech startup called The Third Degree, had just released their unique surveying app on both Android and iOS at the start of 2018. With all their focus on both the development and business side of things, they soon realized they desperately needed a polished web presence reflecting their startup.

When it comes to penetrating the mobile app market, startups have to focus on a lot of different fronts at once. At the beginning these include all the differing platforms the app will be released on – in this case Android and iOS. With the use case of the app occurring on the users phone, the web presence of the app served a different purpose. It had to provide a complete overview of the app to curate the interests of both users and potential investors.

For this project, we opted for a more one-page oriented design. Focusing on conciseness, simplicity, and higher conversion rates . We’re giving the visitor everything they need on a single – highly polished – page.

What we did

  • Graphics
  • Web Design
  • Hosting & Email


  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Page caching