The Streetware Store


A former Olympic Medalist reached out to us along with her co-founder – they needed a website with eCommerce functionality up and running for their campaign launch. They founded a clothing company created to instill confidence, and encourage authenticity. Sharing real stories, with profound messages with the mission to empower individuals to become the best they can be.

It is not just a fashion statement, it is statement streetwear.

What was required was to setup a website with an integrated ecommerce platform, a blog, and features that will scale. The vision of the site was to run home confidence, authenticity, and minimalism. For their campaign launch – everything was setup for them to start handling orders for their merchandise, and to grow their brand internationally. Several payment processors were integrated such as Paypal and Stripe. Orders, and email forms were setup to populate their mail list. Custom graphics were designed for their pre-order bundles, as well as extension modules for composite products through the integrated eCommerce platform.

Product graphics, bundles and variations were setup, as well as donation / crowdfunding functionality.

Note: The site was handed over to the client with an integrated page builder, website may appear different from the provided screenshots.


  • Graphics
  • Web Design
  • Hosting & Email


  • wooCommerce Integration
  • Payment Processing
  • Mailing Lists