The Rehab

The management behind this particular Rehab urgently needed their old server migrated as well as have a complete site/content overhaul performed.

After server migration, their rehabilitation site was populated with custom content and tailored graphics. With SEO being very important to this type of business, each and every page was meticulously optimized, this included: content readability analysis, focus key phrases relevance, related key phrases, custom SEO title, slug, and meta descriptions for each page.

Expired links from the old sitemap were caught and redirected to the new sites relevant URL, minimizing any possible SEO penalties. Utilizing online visibility management tools, relevant keywords were additionally selected based off competing entities within their market to maximize organic traffic from search.

Various tracking metrics and analytical tools were implemented to further aid the client in assessing outreach strategies – this included page behavior, as well as call tracking metrics.

Enhancements to page speed were implemented by automatic compression and optimizing of images, minification of web assets, caching, setting up a CDN with DDoS protection with active threat detection.


  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Server Migration
  • Brand Development


  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Script based page caching
  • CDN / DNS Optimizations
  • Content Writing