The Book Sponsorship


Our rockstar client, Curtis CarMichael, is back and this time his eyes are set on disrupting the authoring landscape. His Smart Book will be a professional print book that leverages augmented reality technology to give readers an interactive audio and visual experience.

In preparation for the book launch, a custom Shopify storefront was created. With an informational Homepage, Who Am IAbout, and over 180 product pages setup. The site had to be relevant to his brands identity.

High quality batch graphics were generated to provide visitors the chance to purchase/sponsor individual pages, and sections of the book. Certain sponsorships were configured to be locked for quotation only, while for others – customers could purchase the item outright.

Aside from the setup, over 180 custom graphics were generated for this project, these included 175 page sponsorship graphics / items, 4 inside flap / cover sponsorships, custom banners, and misc. elements.







  • Graphic Design
  • Shopify Setup
  • Web Design


  • Batch Product Import