How long will it take for my page to rank on Google?

If you’re thinking about increasing your SEO for your site, a common thought is “How long will it take for my website(or page) to rank at the top of Google?”

The truth is there is no concrete answer, there will be a lot of factors so it’ll depend entirely on your use-case. HOWEVER if we look at the top-ranking pages for pre-existing keywords, there is a correlation between the average age of the page in days, and your Google Search position. The Top 10 rankings for pages are usually over 2 years old on average.

You might be asking yourself: “Alright that’s a bit long, what can I expect if my site launched under a year?”. Again, it depends, but here’s a nifty statistic: only 22% of ALL pages currently in the Top 10 were created within 1 year.

Breaking that down even further, only 1-3% of sites created within 1 year, are found in the Top 5 of Google results for at least 1 keyword. This means that SERP is HEAVILY FAVORING pages that are older.👵

(SERP = Search Engine Results Page)

So how long does it take for a page to rank in the Top 10 for at least 1 keyword? Let’s first consider that roughly 6% of all pages fall in this category. And this depends heavily on your sites domain rating. Higher performed significantly better than lower. One way to improve this is to assess your sites backlink profile (a topic for another post).

So alright, roughly 6% of all pages make it into the Top 10 for a certain keyword. How long did it take them? If you are fortunate enough to fall in the very lucky 6% that penetrates the Top 10, it will still have taken you an average of 60-190 days.

Take away?

Around 94% of new pages won’t make it to the Top 10 of a SERP within a year. If you’re lucky, it will still take a couple months to half a year. Maybe consider buying yourself a lottery ticket to pay for sponsored ads instead? 😆

The take away here is that it takes time to build trustworthiness, authority, perceived high page quality and high domain ranking.

Be strategic, plan ahead, and be consistent.