Color Palettes for Flat UI Themes

In this weeks UI related topic, we’re talking UI colors. Specifically for the flat UI feel. There’s a lot of theory behind color palettes, and more often than not it’s often fairly tricky for new designers to find the right mix to compliment a brand or product.

There are some really cool methods to derive color schemes, such as the common monochromatic(1-color), adjacent colors (3-colors), triad (3-colors), and tetrad(4-colors) schemes. That’s not factoring in additional complementary colors or misc configurations.

These schemes have different theories behind it, for example triadic colors are compromised of three different colors evenly spaced on a color wheel. If you have the time and the interest, definitely read up on those, it’s a skill and knowledge worth having.

In the meantime, one very useful resource you can leverage if going for the flat UI scheme is to look at pre-existing schemes and palettes and modifying them. Not sure what you’re feeling? Get some inspiration by visiting to see what we mean. Another great resource includes in which you’re able to modify palettes right from your web browser – very cool 😎