Balancing between Technical & Visual work

How do you guys split your time between technical work like programming and like more visual design stuff? Is it weird?

It’s an interesting question, it depends on your definition of what technical work actually is. For us, technical work would be full stack development. For technical projects we utilize tech like PHP / Laravel, MySQL, Node.js, Vue.js, jQuery, HTML, CSS, SaSS, Webpack, Oauth / JWT, Nginx and countless more. It’s usually composed of tons of windows of code, a couple terminals, and of course a web browser with google dev tools open.

For most client projects, utilizing these technologies doesn’t make sense since the development costs for these are quite high for smaller businesses – when it comes to maintainability, and speed of turn around – leveraging popular CMS scripts like WordPress, vBulletin, Xenforo, etc. makes the most sense. While those can be technical, especially when you’re tweaking stuff or writing custom plugins, for the most part we’d consider those to be lighter technical work and more visual.

That being said, we split our days in two types, Day A and Day B. Day A is composed of full stack development, where we’re primarily working on a big software application. On those days we usually code from 12-18 hours at a piece. Which may seem much for the average person, but with great tunes you get really into it!

Take a listen to what we listen to when we code!

On Day B, we focus on more reactive tasks, such as emails, project proposals, server administration and tweaking, CMS setup and configuration, and everything else relating to graphic design such as launching Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, or some Cinema 4D.

We’ve experimented with different schedules, but this seems to be the one that works best for us. Visual work is our mental break and it’s something we have a lot of fun with, it helps cool us down before we dive into the more technical stuff. There have been days where we coded for 8 hours, and then jumped into design for another 8 hours, but the switch felt weird. Anecdotally, you only enter one type of flow state per day, it’s either technical or creative.